segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

Blair Waldorf: Get her closet!

If I could choose one TV character to swap my closet, besides Zoe Hart (my new obsession), I would choose Blair Waldorf.
Her preppy look make me dream about Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Even now, where her looks are more grown up, she looks absolutely amazing.


sábado, 21 de janeiro de 2012

Inspirational look of the day: Rachel Bilson

HI girls!

Which one of us don't like this woman? She has a amazing style, and since i became addicted to Hart of Dixie, she and her shorts become an inspiration for me.
So here are some photos to inspire you all :)

I hope you liked!

sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2012

Beuty gurus!

Hi girls! It's been a long time since I to you. I'm comitted to turn this blog in something with meaning.
So to begin, I'm sure you all have been heard something about these beuty gurus on youtube. They are famous, they make money teaching girls around the world, fashion and makeup lessons. They are loved and hated at the same time. Anyway, i'm kind addicted to them. I'm currently subscribed to a significant amount of this girls.But I have my favourites obviously.
So, time to time, i will make a post about them, and they fashion and beauty tips. Some of them are really usefull.

Let's begin with Meghanrosette.

I like her. She is genuine and act like a teen should act. She's transforming into a young adult with some attitude. I believe that's the correct way to grow.

Megan started as a sixteen/seventeen girl, curious about this community on June 16 of 2010. When i first saw her, i was struck by her energy.

Let's begin with what is interesting about her style, fashion, and makeup.


She has blonde, long, curly hair, and, as she once said, she keeps her healthy look with:
--->garnier fructis curl construct mousse

--->garnier fructis sleek and shine leave in conditioner


In makeup she looks very natural and young, but sometimes she risks a little with a red lip or a smoky eye.

-Clinique Dramatically Different Mouisturizing Gel
-BareVitimans Prime Time
-MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW 20
-UDPP in Eden
-CoverGirl Aqua Smoothers Tinted Mouisturizer in Light
-Neutrogina 3-in-1 Concealer
-MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20
-BareMInerals in Fairly Light
-MAC Beauty Powder Flowder Mist Dew (LE)

FashionShe has her own style. Fun, sexy and young.

To know more about her:



segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs opens in Oporto.

 I'm thrilled about this new. I has always been a fan of Marc Jacobs, most off all because his bags. They are amazing. Since i discover his bags i desire one just for me!
Now i have one Marc Jacobs store in my town, i have no excuses, besides the lack of money.
I'm plannig visit the store although, and then i will take some pictures. For now i will show you some pictures of the event.

The store location is in Clérigos.

All Black Look

Kate Mosse is a fashion icon. With just a tank top and skinny jeans she looks like 9 million bucks (which acording to Forbes is her anual income). With all her scandalous and all the press, she still fabulous!

50s Glamour

Fashion in the fifties brought glamour to austerity Britain. Women adopted the New Look of Christian Dior. In the mid fifties, Chanel's simple suit provided an alternative and created a much copied fashion that lasted well into the sixties. When Rock'n'roll came along, young girls stopped looking like their mothers and adopted a more youthful look.
Fashion for women returned with a vengeance and the 1950's era is known mainly for two silhouettes, that of the full skirt and the pencil slim tubular skirt, with both placing great emphasis on the narrowness of the waist. 


Christian Dior dominated fashion in the fifties. He dispensed with the austere look of utility and created the New Look in 1947. Its narrow waistline and wide skirt made women look feminine once more. Dior's garments used large amounts of material; almost considered immoral in the days of rationing. 
Dior's influence continued throughout the 50s. In 1953, he introduced the Princess Line, and in 1955 the A-line. Skirts were full and wide and bright colours were in. The look was glamorous. Girls aspired to look like movie stars.

When it comes to Chanel (my personal favorite high fashion couture house) Coco Chanel introduced her new Chanel suit. It was a simple design, featuring a just below the knee skirt and a collarless jacket finished with gold braid.

Personaly i love bouth trends! what you prefer?

The Little Black Jacket – Celebrating 150 years of the Tuxedo

On April 20, The London College of Fashion, one the world’s leading providers of fashion education and exponent of the multi-billion pound fashion industry,  has announced a collaboration with internationally renowned Henry Poole & Co of Savile Row and luxury fabric supplier Dormeuil to celebrate 150 years of a very British icon, the Tuxedo. This Collaboration has the purpose to re-invent the Tuxedo for the 21st century: The Little Black Jacket – Celebrating 150 years of the Tuxedo.

The organizations will be digging into Henry Poole’s archives to re-feature tuxedos  from as far back as the 1930s as well as displaying new versions designed by the students at the college.

 The exhibit will travel from Harrods and the Burlington Arcade in London to Tuxedo Park in New York, and then internationally after that. Visitors will have the opportunity to chart the Tuxedo, a garment that effortlessly sums up traditional values of Britishness, excellence, fashion and sophisticated style.