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50s Glamour

Fashion in the fifties brought glamour to austerity Britain. Women adopted the New Look of Christian Dior. In the mid fifties, Chanel's simple suit provided an alternative and created a much copied fashion that lasted well into the sixties. When Rock'n'roll came along, young girls stopped looking like their mothers and adopted a more youthful look.
Fashion for women returned with a vengeance and the 1950's era is known mainly for two silhouettes, that of the full skirt and the pencil slim tubular skirt, with both placing great emphasis on the narrowness of the waist. 


Christian Dior dominated fashion in the fifties. He dispensed with the austere look of utility and created the New Look in 1947. Its narrow waistline and wide skirt made women look feminine once more. Dior's garments used large amounts of material; almost considered immoral in the days of rationing. 
Dior's influence continued throughout the 50s. In 1953, he introduced the Princess Line, and in 1955 the A-line. Skirts were full and wide and bright colours were in. The look was glamorous. Girls aspired to look like movie stars.

When it comes to Chanel (my personal favorite high fashion couture house) Coco Chanel introduced her new Chanel suit. It was a simple design, featuring a just below the knee skirt and a collarless jacket finished with gold braid.

Personaly i love bouth trends! what you prefer?

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